Vincent Sheridan

Artist & Printmaker

Vincent Sheridan’s practice as a fine artist covers many disciplines. He is though primarily known for his fine art prints. The delicate use of spit bite and aquatint, offset against the deep blacks of carborundum and deep etch on aluminium, brings a harmonious animation to the content of his work.

With a long affiliation to nature he captures the essence of it with zeal, the hunter gatherer who knows his domain. Much of the work records the dynamic pattern of birds in flight. But it is more than this. It is the deeply rooted patterns of instinct, socialisation and neural activity that pervades the life of sentient beings. The musical aspect of his work is seen in the murmurations; the continuous background noise of rumination implicit in the dot and line patterning of the work, the graphic manifestation of the world around him.

Vincent Sheridan at work at MPS Studios Vancouver Canada.

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